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Question  posted by rency on Oct 21, 2009 22:02
open dhtmlx forum
An Error type : LoadXML description : Incorrect XML occurs from dhtmlx scheduler


I got a sample source code of java version of dhtmlx scheduler. The sample.war is deployed in tomcat and a database connection is set with the mysql database. In that, examples are given for each components of dhtmlxconnector. For dhtmlx Scheduler two links such as basic init and recurring events are given . When i click any of these links an alert is pops up showing " Error type : LoadXML description : Incorrect XML ".
Events created are not saved in the databse.

can anyone please help me with a solution?

Also how to make a mutiple resource view?

pls reply me soon..

thank you..

Answer posted by Stanislav (support) on Oct 22, 2009 05:48
Such error occurs if xml stream is incorrect ( incorrect syntax or encoding problems ) - you can try to load the same URL in separate window of browser, it will provide exta information about reasons of the problem.

In case of sample.war - please be sure that dump.sql was imported in DB, it contains data for the samples.