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Question  posted by Fabian on Sep 29, 2009 07:36
open dhtmlx forum
Problems with the scheduler $_POST

I have a problem with the $_POST. When i create, update,delete a appointment i get normaly
a $_POST like this:

1254232203713_!nativeeditor_status    inserted
1254232203713_end_date     2009-10-1 17:10
1254232203713_id     1254232203713
1254232203713_start_date     2009-10-1 14:20
1254232203713_text     New event
ids     1254232203713

But if I edit the appointment a secound time I get no $_POST back.
It works only on first time.

I hope you can help me

thanks Fabi
Answer posted by Stanislav (support) on Oct 01, 2009 08:23
Please be sure that you have sent correct response for insert operation. If no correct response was received, client side code will not sent second request for the same row ( it will wait for finishing of first operation )

Are you using connectors or custom code?
In case of custom code , response must look similar to the next
<action type="insert" tid="123" sid="1254232203713" />

Where tid - ID of event, after adding to a DB.