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Question  posted by Steve on Sep 17, 2009 14:03
open dhtmlx forum
Scheduler - setting lightbox

I'm using the Recurring template supplied in the download (01_recurring_events.html)

I've made the following single change to the html file

            sections:[ {name:"time", height:72, type:"time", map_to:"auto"},
                                 {name:"description", height:40, map_to:"text", type:"textarea" , focus:false},
                                 {name:"recurring", height:115, type:"recurring", map_to:"rec_type", button:"recurring"} //mandatory

I'm looking to add some of my own regions to the lightbox and this is why I'm defining the lightbox as above.

I've noticed that if I don't have the lightbox config in my page that recurring events are set correctly.

Here is what is passed to the server

1253220954245_!nativeeditor_status    inserted
1253220954245_end_date    9999-2-1 00:00
1253220954245_event_length    16200
1253220954245_id    1253220954245
1253220954245_rec_pattern    week_1___5
1253220954245_rec_type    week_1___5#no
1253220954245_start_date    2009-9-14 02:05
1253220954245_text    test 4
ids    1253220954245

However, if I place the code above into the html page and then add an recurring event I get an event that starts on the day specified but goes forever (not just the day/time that was selected).

Here is what is passed to the server

1253220836786_!nativeeditor_status    inserted
1253220836786_end_date    9999-2-1 00:00
1253220836786_event_length    252120560400
1253220836786_id    1253220836786
1253220836786_rec_pattern    week_1___4
1253220836786_rec_type    week_1___4#no
1253220836786_start_date    2009-1-14 00:00
1253220836786_text    test3
ids    1253220836786

Notice how long the event_length is now

What have I done wrong in the scheduler.config.lightbox settings?

Thanks for your help
Answer posted by Alex (support) on Sep 18, 2009 06:09


the issue wasn't reproduced locally.  The same scheduler.config.lightbox.sections array is define in the recurring.js source. So, there can not be any problems.

Please, check that you have set "End by" parameter in the "Repeat event" section.

Answer posted by on Sep 29, 2009 06:34
I too am seeing this issue
Answer posted by Jon on Sep 29, 2009 08:59
Fix it, "time" has to be defined after "recurring"