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Question  posted by Gazza P on Jun 25, 2009 16:37
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Dhtmlx Vault


I am using dhtml vault on my website and I had it working then I moved the location to another folder and upload is now showing an error and wont upload. I tried the folder permissions (which allow for read and write access)...

Any other idea what might be wrong?

Answer posted by Support on Jun 26, 2009 04:00


Please check that write or full permissions are set for "everyone", or the user who is running your server-side script.
Let me know what server language are you using and on what platform.

Answer posted by Gazza P on Jun 26, 2009 04:08


I am using a VPS (windows based) with the php version of the vault.

It worked on another folder but not this one...

Just get errror when clicking the upload button.


Answer posted by Ersin on Oct 05, 2009 16:38
have you found a solution?